Why folk? Simply it is more than a game. It’s much more than that. While you’re playing, you have to think of the steps, not to make a mistake and not to embarrass yourself and your colleagues. But no, you will not embarrass anyone, because no other that you will laugh; you know how to play, so they wrong.

d1e75f05f099bad761e43f73123c8a1cThere are a lot of people to who I will ask the same question: what do you know about folklore. I say that anyone can jump and make fun of this kind of music or imitate e folk by jumping like horses, raising his feet to nose…Well, my friends that is not that, folk dance is more than a dance … Folk is something that is not easy to describe ..from passion to the immense love … And what’s the worse than you believing bad for those who dance folk, but in fact bad ones are those who believe in that and who know nothing about dancing and what comes with it.
Traveling all around the world, getting known with other cultures is just one among a lot of privileges that go with dancing. Not to mention your physical condition. Being in a good shape won’t harm anybody. I can say that only the ones that dance know the great feeling and pleasure that come with dancing. Performing is perhaps the best part, being excited and feeling the moment on the stage is remarkable and irreplaceable.
I can’t say what is better.

Whether the dance or just a stage. All you need is to laugh, dream, fun, travel, try and manage in what we want. Folkdance is not just a hobby, folk is the kind of dream through your whole life and that never stops. Just try it and you will see at the end the rest will come all by itself. click here for rates.

Our rehearsal are crazy, unforgettable tours, concerts most beautiful, beautiful costumes, society inseparably, a face always smiling.

russian-folk-dance-barynya-jpgI think that the best part of it is being in a good company with great music and when that all mix together you get magic. Cultural and Arts Society and the trips that are unforgettable , friendships that remain for life, great love, sympathy, and most important of all – life experiences and favorite memories.
Folk dance is made of people who know how to love .There is no better feeling than the feeling when you step on stage it does not matter who you are what you are and what you’re ..It is only matter to laugh and to be happy … All journeys, experiences every moment is remembered, all the time you spent together will be never forgotten. Just to smile and be happy, to enjoy what you’re doing.
We know that feeling when you go out on stage, raise your head; you throw a smile, get applause, and sometimes the tears, tears of people who are proud of what you’ve got there! And the most important is that when you do best and thing that is your limit you realize that when you dance you are limitless.

Author: Cheryl Burns

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