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Folk dances are part of tradition and culture of every people, they are different from country to country and they have religious or social background. Many people enjoy this type of entertainment, because they get to experience different cultures, learn the new dances and get social with other participant. These moves are popular among dancers from all age and backgrounds.


When we talk about folk dancing, it necessary to mention complexity of these dances, because it’s a rather board term used to describe large variety of dances. Every culture on the world has its own set of moves that use for special occasions, like for weddings, holidays and all sorts of celebrations.

They can be described as a set of steps that repeat from time to time followed by music. In folk dancing there are partners, where they can dance as one couple or many couples at the same time.

9e78dd7e1b214c14e1b45566427e5d21There are few basic steps that can be found in every folk dance, considering their large variety. First one is hopping, this is probably the simplest and the most vivid folk dance move. Some cultures have rotated hop, where they place weight on one foot and then on another and they dance like that in repeated motions. This type of the move is used as an introduction into other steps that will follow the dance.

Second most common move is chasse. His roots can be traced in ballet and jazz dance, but is also very used in folk dance. This can be a traveling step, these steps can get dancers into different positions within the room, they can be circular, from left to right and the other way around. When dancers move in circle, they left feet will meet their right feet, and small laps happen.

download (9)There are lot of establishments in Boulder that can offer you folk dancing. They usually have their schedules presented and you will have variety of dances to choose and the time to organize yourself. They can offer you Hungarian, Israel, English, Ukraine, Russian and many others dances. The price of these dances is very affordable and you will pay by the dance. Some establishments even provide food. It is great way to spend your time and have some fun. In every of these dancing folklore establishments choreographers are provided and they are usually experts in their field. Lot of these dancing organization offer instructions for the children, so if you decide to participate in this kind of dance, you can even bring your kids.
Lot of them offer annual workshops, party with live music, and special events that are open to the public. If you decide to go with this idea, you won’t regret it, because it will give you positive energy and you will learn something new about the culture and the people whose dance you are dancing. For some of them you will need the time to lean, but be grateful that you have the opportunity for something like that.

Author: Cheryl Burns

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